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By Adam Curry. Posted Sunday, January 29, 2012 at 1:28 PM.


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Lehigh Valley Superfund Site | Region 2 | US EPA

EPA added the Lehigh Valley Railroad Derailment site in the Town of LeRoy, New York to the Superfund National Priorities List on January 19, 1999 because hazardous chemicals were found in the soil and ground water. The site in Genesee County is the location of a chemical spill that resulted from a train derailment in 1970. Approximately one ton of cyanide crystals and around 30,000 gallons of Trichloroethene (TCE), which is a volatile organic compound (VOC) that is a potentially harmful contaminant that can easily evaporate into the air, spilled onto the ground. The site consists of portions of Gulf Road, the former railroad bed, and the properties next to the railroad crossing. The site is surrounded by residential, recreational and commercial areas. As an immediate action, a cleanup including the removal of the cyanide crystals and the overturned car took place. Drinking wells in the area were found to have TCE contamination. The Lehigh Valley Railroad provided drinking water to residents with contaminated wells beginning in June 1971, and later provided the installation and maintenance of charcoal-filtering systems at the affected wells. Sampling of private wells between 1990 and 1994 detected TCE in approximately 50 wells located east or southeast of the site. EPA installed water-treatment systems at 37 locations where TCE levels were high. The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation selected soil vapor-extraction and bedrock vapor-extraction to address the source of the contamination. A water-line extension was selected to provide a safe, potable water supply to all affected residents and businesses. The EPA has assumed responsibility for the design and implementation of the source-control remedies. Before the final source cleanup remedy is put in place, extensive sampling of the soil, bedrock, groundwater, and indoor air quality around the site are taken. The data from these tests will be used to assess the environmental conditions of the site and present the most appropriate remedial alternatives.

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Gitmo Nation Haggis

Boots on the ground report

Hey Adam,

Just thought I'd give you a quick opinion/primer on this Scottish Independence situation - I am a Scot living on the east coast of Scotland.

There has been tension between the Scots and English for a long time clearly and this has not fully dissipated North of the border despite multiple centuries of union. The big difference being that Scots are Celtic people (with a Viking streak mixed in) as such we stick by our Celtic brothers (Irish and Welsh) and play our cards closer to our chest when dealing with the sassinachs (Saxons) sorry, I mean the English.

The SNP (Scottish Nationalist Party) has grandiose vison of leaving the Union with England, Wales and Northern Ireland and becoming a fully independent nation with a seat at the United Nations and ability to keep all the profits from the North Sea oil platforms operated from Scotland - so they say. The reality is that the SNP is actually promoting phoney nationalism. Rather then become an independent autonomous nation like Norway the SNP would like to see Scotland play a greater roll in the EU. The party is in fact EU centric, not nation centric. They would likely see Scotland join the Euro, have our national defense policy set by the EU and work to become just another bureacratically controlled state of the EU. This is an idea which is supported by many in the EU who are impatiently pushing for Britain to capitulate more soverignty at long last. In typical EU fashion they would love to see the salami slicing of Britain in pursuit over greater controls of British people.

Polls and my own observations suggest that the overwhelming majority of Scottish people do not wish to split from England and Wales and then join the EU, as a small group of Islands we work well together. This idea is being pushed primarily by the government, by pro-EU journalists and NGOs funded from the EU. The referendum would be set for 2014 on the 700th anniversary of the Battle of Bannockburn in which the Scots resisted the English (not for the first or last time)╩ this should work in favour of the SNPs aims. Many of us in Scotland have deep concerns that such a referendum will require just a simple majority vote however. When the implications are so vast two-thirds majority seems a better route. However, just as with the referendums for EU the treaties such a proposition will likely go ignored.


Scotland is a top nation

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Syria: Watch the weather forecast | End the Lie - Independent News

RT: Why would Al Jazeera and Al Arabiya disseminate all these falsified reports on Syria? AK: These TV networks have been employed as propaganda tools serving to destroy Syria as a state. Some of those propaganda tactics are stunningly elaborate, and you can only tell a lie if you live in Syria and focus on details. For instance, there has been a fantastic weather forecast for Syria broadcast on TV, where temperature indices actually stand for the time when protesters will assemble in a specific location to provoke unrest. If you are with the opposition, this broadcast tells you that there will be a rally in Homs tomorrow at 12pm, and specially instructed camera crews will be waiting for you and your associates to turn up to act as the angry masses. You spend five minutes yelling "Down with Assad" in a square and leave with hard cash in your pocket, and the world gets TV images of "a street revolution rocking Syria." I witnessed this technique in action once. Al Jazeera reported on a street protest erupting near the Russian Cultural Center in Damascus in December 2011. I happen to live nearby, and I can see the Center from my window. There was nothing happening at this location at the time of the report. But exactly two hours later, a bunch of people turned up and launched an aggressive protest action. So it was not really a news report -- it was coded instructions communicating the time and place of a staged disturbance. Similar tactics was used to announce the assault against the Syrian embassy in Amman early in December 2011. What these TV networks do is not reporting: they dispatch instructions for people to rally, stage riots and assault specific individuals. It is almost a competition for deliberately misreporting on Syria, where the perpetrators do not even bother to coordinate their propaganda activities. For example, when reporting the casualties for a specific day of unrest, Al Jazeera and Al Arabiya claimed diverging numbers. If they had been citing a particular source, such as the notorious Mr. Rami, who is based in London, then their figures would have matched. But they vary, which means the news people simply make them up. They do not even care if it looks plausible or not.

Drone Nation

Ministry of Truth


Natural-born-citizen clause of the U.S. Constitution - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Proof of 2 Obamas

Not only was he sworn in twice - (or once for each Obama) the second time they "forgot" the bible - so really neither one was actually sworn in. ╩Another point - Obama #1 wore a Red tie and Obama #2 wore Blue. ╩Symbolic of the fact he's working for both sides and also I think relates to Masonry.╩╩ (Red Tie)╩(Blue Tie)

Richard Sumer

Real News

Gitmo Nation


Aardige kluif aan eindrapport - Economie - Algemeen - bndestem


Holleeder from pim

Hey Adam,

In case you missed this, Holleeder released from prisson the same day the hearings about the banking

bailout took place, Wouter Bos and Nout Wellink (ned. bank) were questioned.

So wall to wall coverige of the "nose" on every channel and almost zero about the hearings.

Funny thing was, no footage or any comment from the nose.

╩All "crime journalists" tombling over eachother with no news at all, just speculating what he was going to do

or where he was going to hangout.

The guy has a heartfunction of 25%, he'd be lucky to survive his first blow in the free world.

Except Peter R. de V spoke for a couple of minutes with him in some forest, a conversation like;

"hey how are you.... yeah ok how are you.... Also not recorded, Peter did take a picture with his cell

he didnt forget to print COPYRIGHT across the entire picture.

However the conclusion; 30 billion went to the bankers, half of it will never be payed back, and

Ad visser's clever remark, at pouw en witteman, :"that's exactly the amount of money Holland is going

to cut back 15 billion.

mazzel Pim